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Majestic Beer
Comfort Food

Beer lovers, race over to the Reale! Beer has a privileged position in the court of the Reale.

So grab a mug and fill it with the best beers you will find.

Look carefully at the menu, choose the dish you like best, pair it with something to drink and make your regal order. Whatever food you choose, beer is always a good option.

Beer is the star at the Reale. Enthral you taste buds with a freshly poured craft beer – whether you choose Weisse, Trappiste, Lager or double malt, beer is the answer

You’ll drink well at the Reale, very well, with craft beers that leap from the tap to the counter, warming the heart of the Trappist in you. Sip your pint, let the head tickle your palate and the flavour explode in your mouth with a triumph of sensations.

And if you are short on time, it offers the ideal place and perfect atmosphere to have a drink with a friend before dinner. Enjoy a quick chat and make a toast with a beer in hand.

So, beer lovers and experts on the subject of hops & Co., race over to the Reale ready for a drink!

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