La Palazzina
Majestic Beer
Comfort Food

Piazza Stazione, 1
Via Valfonda - Binario 16
Stazione di Santa Maria Novella

Tel. +39 055 2645114

We are OPEN every day, from 8am to 4pm.

Convenient, comfortable and welcoming, the Reale is a new tapas bar in the centre of Florence.

The Reale is the ideal place for anyone in Florence who would like to take a well-deserved break in style.

Miniature sizes with excellent flavours, those are the Regal Tapas: small comfort food samples with genuine taste and ideal if accompanied by the best craft beers.

Unique flavours in an original form.

We are in the heart of Florence, inside the Santa Maria Novella railway station complex.

The building has two entrances – the royal entrance, which is outside of the station, and an entrance inside the station that connects to the platform of track 16

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